Our Youth Ministry program, the Next Generation of Disciples (NGD), seeks to bring teens to closer relationship with Christ through fellowship, fun activities, and faith-building. Our program incorporates weekly meetings, service opportunities, and parish involvement. We welcome all high schoolers, regardless of their level of experience with Catholicism. Christ opened His arms for any who would come to Him, and so do we.

Monday Musings

Saint of the Week

Saint Irenaeus

The beginning and the end of the life of St. Irenaeus are shrouded in mystery. We know him chiefly for his work combatting heresy as the Bishop of Lyons. His main adversaries were the Gnostics, a sect that claimed Jesus had imparted “secret knowledge” to them before His Ascension. Irenaeus exposed their heresy with theological reason, and gradually ended their influence through his writings. His most well-known quote is, “The Glory of God is man fully alive.” He died around the year 202, and is quoted and revered to this day. St. Irenaeus, pray for us!

Verse of the Week

"A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger."

Proverbs 15:1

Regis O'Neill

Youth Minister


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Saint Bridget of Sweden Parish is a Catholic community in the heart of Cheshire. Together we can discover your path to a deeper, more fulfilling spiritual life.

Saturday Vigil Masses:

4PM St. Bridget Church

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7:30AM St. Bridget Church

9AM St. Bridget Church

10AM St. Thomas Becket Church

11AM St. Bridget Church

Confession: Saturday 3PM St. Bridget Church




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