Ask Father: Can Saint Joseph be referred to us a spiritual father?

Dear friend in Christ,

Yes! If Jesus thought of Saint Joseph as a father, and we want to be like Jesus in all things, we should think of him as a father too. Saint Joseph is a powerful patron and guide for us because the obedience and reverence which Jesus showed to him during our Lord’s earthly life continues, in a sense, in Heaven.

We can even make a consecration to Saint Joseph, giving him an official capacity to help us in life. Saint Joseph will help us become closer to Jesus because he and the Blessed Mother knew Him better than any other human being. He will look after our temporal affairs like a father and he will defend us against evil because he has been given the title “The Terror of Demons.”

For information on making a spiritual consecration to Saint Joseph, a really helpful resource is Meet Your Spiritual Father by Dr. Mark Miravalle.


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