Apologetics 101: Praying for Vocations

November 1-7 was National Vocations Awareness Week. Praying for vocations is essential helping more people say yes to their calling as priests and religious.

· We all know that the Church desperately needs more priests and religious. Oftentimes our instinct is to try to solve problems like this ourselves. As Catholics, our first response to any difficulty should be prayer, as a sign of trust that vocations are a gift from him and he is the one that will open more hearts to say yes.

· The best way to get more Vocations is the pray for them. The amazing story of a little town in Italy named Lu is a great example of this.

o The mothers of this little town greatly desired that their children would become priests and religious. They decided to start having adoration for this intention. 323 vocations came from this town in the next 50-60 years!

§ The dedication of these mothers to prayer created an atmosphere in which their children could recognize their vocations. They did not pressure their children into becoming priests and religious

§ Read more about the story here: https://bit.ly/3exX7ST

· Another example of a mother who persevered in prayer was Saint Monica. Saint Ambrose said to her: “talk to God about Augustine more than you talk to Augustine about God.” She knew that praying to God would be more effective than badgering her son to change his life

· Praying in Adoration is especially powerful, as the priesthood and consecrated life are closely tied to the Eucharist.

o Parishes that have Holy Hours for vocations get more vocations. In our Parish, the first hour of our Friday Adoration is dedicated to praying for vocations.

Check out our other video on fostering vocations in your children: https://fb.watch/1zN9nLjE1E/

“The harvest is abundant but the laborers are few; so ask the master of the harvest to send out laborers for his harvest.” Matthew 9:37-38

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